Importance of Keeping Your Truck Looking Its Best

Importance of Keeping Your Truck Looking Its Best

We all love that feeling after buying a new vehicle; That fresh new car smell, the immaculate interior, and the pristine paint job that makes your truck look stunning. For the first few weeks and months, you take impeccable care of the vehicle, but it’s important to keep up the TLC to ensure your truck looks it’s best, for as long as possible. Below are some tips, to keep you out of the truck repair shop Chester, NY.

Avoid Rust

Most truck manufacturers will already apply a protective layer of sealant to the undercarriage of your truck, as it’s the most susceptible area to rust. If your truck didn’t receive this treatment, get it done as soon as possible! Vulnerable areas are the bed, cab corners and floors, exhaust, fenders, frame, rocker panels, wheel wells. You can perform your own undercoating to keep your truck in optimal condition. It is recommended that you get it rust-proofed every one-two years, and preferably do it in the spring.

Wash it Regularly

Whether your truck is brand new, or years old, you should be washing it regularly. Again, the key area to wash is the undercarriage, as it builds up with dirt and salt, especially during winter. Get a good undercarriage wash, or get a semi-truck wash service once a month, increasing the frequency during winter months. Protect your truck with a wax coating every few months, it helps when removing all those dead bugs, and also makes the paint less likely to scratch or chip.

Don’t Neglect The Interior

Although your truck’s exterior is what everyone else is going to see, you shouldn’t neglect the interior. Dust will still build up inside the cab, and can cause issues if left uncleaned for too long. Thoroughly vacuum the interior every month to remove dirt, and use a wet vac to remove tough grime and water that may have built up in the footwells. Clean both sides of all windows to ensure visibility is not impaired by a buildup of salt or dust. To make this process easier, use floor mats and seat covers, which can be removed and cleaned separately, while protecting the material underneath.

Store Your Truck Indoors, Or Keep It Covered

The natural elements are your truck’s worst enemy, so whenever possible, you should keep it stored indoors, in a garage shed or barn, away from direct sunlight, rain, ice and salt. If you don’t have a big enough storage facility, try to keep your truck covered if it’s going to be off the road for a while. Leaving it outside will weaken the protective layer, and put your truck as a risk of corrosion.

Although you may take all these precautions, there’s no guarantee that your truck won’t develop rust or corrode over time. With this in mind, it’s important to perform routine inspections and clean it every few months, so that you can spot and prevent an issue before it worsens. If in doubt, bring your vehicle into a truck repair shop to have a specialist look it over, so you don’t have to take it to a 24 hour truck service Goshen, NY when a more serious issue arises.