Three Tips for Breaking Down

Three Tips for Breaking Down

You are in the cab of your truck and driving along the highway when the worst thing happens… you have an issue with your truck or trailer and realise it is a serious breakdown. Whether or not this is your first breakdown, it is always scary, especially if there are other vehicles nearby and you are sharing the road when the incident happens. What are you meant to do? From who to call first, to identifying the issue, and weighing up going to a versus emergency roadside assistance West Milford, NJ, you need a list of steps to take to ensure you, your truck and your cargo are safe, and that you get back on the road in no time. We’ve got you covered!

1. Get Your Truck Off the Road and Identify the Issue

First things first: If you are experiencing a major issue with your truck, it is no longer safe for you to drive. Some issues are more obvious, from brakes to steering, a flat tire or seeing smoke come from the hood, but you need to get off the road as soon as possible. Reduce your speed, safely pull over to the side of the highway or the side of the road, and put your hazard lights on. You are not a mechanic - and that’s ok - but if you can, identify the issue you are having without leaving your cab. It is very dangerous to unbuckle your seatbelt and exit the truck, especially if parked on the side of the highway. This is not the time to try your hand at truck repair.

2. Use Common Sense and Stay with Your Truck

Every breakdown is different, from the type of issue your truck and/or trailer is having to the time of day, weather conditions, location and local traffic. Be smart and continue to stay alert. Even though your truck is stopped and safely on the side of the road, still be aware of what is happening around you. Most importantly, do not leave your truck! You should only ever exit the vehicle if it is not safe to stay inside, but don’t go too far. If parked on the highway, step behind the barrier until help arrives, and if just on the side of the road, stay on the other side of the vehicle away from the road and any oncoming traffic.

3. Call for Emergency Roadside Assistance

Skip the wait and bring the truck repair shop Suffern, NY to you, with emergency roadside assistance. Not only is a tow truck expensive, but once the tow brings you to the nearest repair shop, you will have to pay again, and you may have to wait for a mechanic to be available before looking at your truck. Assuming you’ve already identified the issue, an industry professional will be dispatched to your location, with all the needed tools to repair your truck, saving you time and money. Be sure to have a charged cell phone, or a special phone dedicated to emergencies like this, so you can call for help when needed.