Why You Need To Call Emergency Roadside Assistance When Your Truck Breaks Down

Why You Need To Call Emergency Roadside Assistance When Your Truck Breaks Down

No one knows your cab as well as you, and maybe you’re comfortable doing minor repairs on your own, but there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your truck while on the road that you just can’t fix yourself. When you break down, especially when on a job for a scheduled delivery, you need emergency truck repair as soon as possible to get up and running again. Your options are simple: call for a tow truck or call for immediate roadside assistance Newburgh, NY.

Tow Truck vs Roadside Assistance

When you’ve broken down, you have to choose between calling a tow truck or roadside assistance – they aren’t the same thing! A tow truck will collect you and your truck, and bring you to the nearest truck repair shop, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be seen by one of their mechanics right away. And of course, most tow trucks are independent, so there might be a queue of other cars and trucks waiting to be picked up, and you could be stuck on the road a while, eating into your delivery schedule time. To avoid a long delay, skip the wait and bring the repair shop directly to you by calling for immediate roadside assistance. A qualified technician will be dispatched to fix your truck on the spot, saving you precious time and getting you back on the road much faster!

What Can Roadside Assistance Fix?

If you truck breaks down, or is in the need of emergency repairs, it’s going to be frustrating for you to have to wait for it to get fixed. But you also have to think of your clients, who will be waiting for your cargo to arrive. While there are benefits to going into a truck repair shop, there are a lot of truck issues that can be resolved with immediate roadside assistance. With this in mind it’s imperative that you get back on track in the shortest amount of time possible, and we’re here to help! At United Roadside, we have a world-class roadside service program that does a lot more than just fix flat tires. We are equipped to handle an assortment of breakdowns such as full tire replacement, oil and/or fuel top-up, jumpstarting, lockouts and leaks. Helping to repair your truck, protect your cargo and get you trucking along as soon as possible are our highest priorities.

To avoid a longer wait time, here are two important tips for calling emergency roadside assistance:  

  • Know your delivery route and have a list of phone numbers for emergency truck repair Chester, NY in the area. Some companies require you to pay into their emergency plan to be eligible for their roadside services.
  • Describe the issue your truck is having in as much detail as possible, so the technician dispatched to your location will have the correct tools to get you back on the road.   At United Roadside, we’re available to help Sunday through Friday, at any hour of the day. No coverage plan is required! You can reach us at (845)-200-2200 and a member of our team will be able to give you a price estimate and wait-time estimate, before officially requesting a mechanic be dispatched to your location.