Importance of Proper Tire Maintenance

Importance of Proper Tire Maintenance

Tires are black and round, but there is a lot more to learn about the key piece of equipment that helps you move your truck from Point A to Point B. From soft or hard rubber to tread patterns, the different components tires are made of, sizes and designs, it can be a little overwhelming. Although it is easy to overlook your truck tires New Windsor, NY, you should think of them more often and more seriously, because without tires, you aren’t going anywhere.

But just because your tires are on your truck, doesn’t mean they are performing to the best of their ability either. Don’t push a neglected or injured tire beyond its breaking point. If your tires are not taken care of properly, you could end up with a flat, or one could fail and blow out, which is not only dangerous, but costly to replace. With proper maintenance and care, your truck and trailer tires can safely last a long time.

Why Proper Tire Maintenance is Important

When it comes to you, your truck and your cargo, safety is everything. The tires you choose for your truck are as unique as your vehicle itself, which is why caring for them and ensuring they receive proper tire maintenance is very important. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a tire can fail, some of which are out of your control, but with a few simple checks, you can tell the health of your tires and repair them before serious damage occurs.

Properly maintained tires are important for your safety, fuel efficiency and overall truck performance. If you don’t know what you need to do to maintain your tires yourself, that’s ok, but here are some small things you can actively do to look out for your tires:

  1. A Monthly Visual Examination – Take the time to really look at each of your tires. The most obvious thing to look for is a flat but look even more closely. Are there any cracks in the sidewall, or items stuck in the tires that shouldn’t be there, like nails or stones? And don’t forget to check for uneven wear in your tread.

  2. Check Your Tire Pressure – Consult your truck and tire manuals to determine what the correct air pressure should be for your tires. Using an air pressure gauge, unscrew the cap from the tire's valve stem and place the round end of the gauge over the stem. Push down, read the gauge and record for all your tires. If even one is too high or too low, it can damage all your tires.

  3. Listen To What Your Truck Is Telling You – If you’re feeling a lot of vibration when driving your truck, it could be that your tires are unbalanced. Don’t risk your safety, if this is happening, take your truck to a repair shop immediately.

  4. When In Doubt, Take Your Truck and Trailer Tires Chester, NY In For Inspection – Even though you are completing your own checks, getting professional help for your truck tires will ensure they are maintained and taken care of properly. Professionals can also help you find the best tire replacements if needed, and can share more tips on how to maintain your tires between scheduled visits.