Be Prepared for Brake Safety Week

Be Prepared for Brake Safety Week

You already know why brakes are essential for your truck: they help you to stop. Without them, you risk having a serious accident on the road, which may include other vehicles. Truck brakes are not only different from car brakes, they are held to a different standard and annually monitored for safety. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) Brake Safety Week will proceed as scheduled, from August 23rd to August 29th.

Enforcement officials will inspect commercial motor vehicles throughout the week for critical brake violations. Any vehicles that do not pass, due to critical out-of-service brake violations, will not be allowed to travel until their violations have been resolved or corrected.

CVSA inspector’s will follow a seven-point plan through an inspection including: driver’s license, registration, low air warning device, pushrod travel, brake linings/drums, leaks and air loss rate and tractor protection system. Specifically in regards to the brake system, inspectors are going to focus on eight specific features:

  • Checking the air brake mechanical components
  • Checking the steering axle air brake mechanical components
  • Checking the brake adjustment
  • Building the air system’s pressure to 90-100 psi
  • Checking the antilock braking system (ABS) if applicable
  • Testing the air loss rate, if necessary
  • Testing the low air pressure warning device
  • Checking the tractor protection system

CVSA will also check for leaks and cracks, including air chambers, drum brakes and other linings that may have been oil-saturated, but they will be paying extra close attention to brake hoses and tubing.

Brakes are one of the most important systems in a vehicle. Don’t have your truck placed out of service for having a brake violation. If you haven’t already had your brakes checked and prepared for Brake Safety Week, we can help! At United Roadside, we’re truck drivers too, and we have a team of industry professionals ready to help you and your truck pass this crucial inspection. Give us at (845) 200-2200 to have your truck and trailer brake system fully inspected and ready in time to pass your inspection during Brake Safety Week

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