What Drivers Need to Know About Taking Care of Truck Tires

What Drivers Need to Know About Taking Care of Truck Tires

Yes, tires are round and black, but there is a lot more you need to know to maintain them and make sure they are safe to drive on. Without tires, your truck and your cargo aren’t going anywhere. Whether it is your first time driving a truck, or you are a seasoned pro, proper tire care is essential to increase the life and performance of your tires on the open road.

Check Your Tires For Damage

By performing regular tire checks, you can catch and repair tire issues before they become too serious and cause tire failure while on the road. As the only part of your truck that comes in direct contact with the road, you should do a quick visual inspection your tires after each drive. Look closely for cracks, cuts, splits, punctures, uneven tread wear and excessively worn tread, and take it in for repair if you notice anything unusual.

Regularly Rotate Your Tires

Tire rotation involves moving tires from one position on your truck, to another. Tire rotation is recommended by professionals so that your tires wear evenly, increasing their tread lifespan, which helps with turning and braking. There are different patterns to choose from when rotating tires, like swapping front and rear tires, but not doing so will cause tires to fail and lose grip much quicker.

Maintain Consistent Tire Pressure

Sometimes, you can look at your tires and tell that one is slightly more flat and lower than the others, but it’s not always that obvious when your tires are losing air. Proper inflation pressure is necessary for tire performance and fuel economy, but most importantly, for safety. To maintain proper inflation pressure, at least once a month you should check your tires with a tire pressure gauge. Make sure to do this when they are cool, and that the pressure is within the recommended range for your brand of tires and needs.

Distribute Your Cargo Evenly

One sure way to ruin your tires is to not distribute your cargo weight evenly across your truck. If your truck is front heavy or back heavy, it can cause serious wear on your tires. You must maintain an even load, so take care when packing your truck. One other thing to consider: never exceed gross vehicle weight rating. There are weighing stations along highways where you can check the weight of your truck, to make sure you are within safety range to not only protect your truck tires New Windsor, NY, but your tires as well.

If You’re Unsure, Ask A Professional About Your Truck Tires

If you are concerned about your tires, or need help with rotation, alignment, pressure and other maintenance issues, there are plenty of mechanics that can service them for you, just make sure they are experienced with handling trucks and truck tires. And if you break down on the side of the road and are in need of immediate roadside assistance Newburgh, NY, don’t fret, there are companies that offer those kinds of services. Truck road assistance will come to you to fix your issues and get your truck back on the road in no time!